SUPERDELL’s Paramotor Super Training

What you need to know if you took or are planning on taking Super Dell Schanze’s Super Training

Paramotor instruction.
The paramotor community is concerned about the students that are graduating from these super training courses. We hope that this website will help make you a better, safer and more responsible pilot so we can keep this sport safe and unregulated by the FAA.

FARs (Federal Aviation Regulations)
After talking with many of the graduates, the biggest gap in this training is learning the FAA’s FAR 103. This is the set of rules which all paramotor pilots must follow, and the exemption that allows us to fly without a license. If we abuse this we endanger this sport. You can find FAR 103 in its entirety here: Please take the time to learn this information. This is the most important information you can learn from this website.

If you have been told that parts of this don’t apply to you because you went though “super training” or because you are “WPPGA certified” you should ask for written proof. When giving exemptions, the FAA will give a signed written document called a waiver. If you haven’t been given a waiver, you aren’t exempt from any part of the FARs.

WPPGA tandem exemption.
Per the FAA, the only 2 organizations that can issue exemptions to do foot launch tandems are the USPPA and Aero Sport Connection. To fly tandems, you must have completed the USPPA Tandem Instructor Certification or Aero Sport Connection Basic Flight Instructor (BFI) course. If you do not have one of these certifications, you may not fly your paramotor tandem.

Here is proof of the exemptions:
USPPA Tandem Exemption
Aero Sport Exemption

Night flying
We have heard from a number of people that WPPGA students are exempt from the FAR 103.11 which covers flying at night. We have spoken with the FAA on this and it is untrue. No exemptions have been granted for the WPPGA or Dell Schanze to fly at night. Pilots doing so will be sited.

Certified gliders
As a new pilot you should purchase a certified glider in your weight range. That means, you plus your clothing, gear, motor, gas, and accessories should be weighed and that number should fall within the range the glider was certified in. If you do not fit within that range your glider can not be expected to respond the same as a properly loaded glider. If you are heavy on the glider you can expect the glider to behave as a glider rated at a much higher skill level or even as an uncertified. This is incredibly unsafe for a new pilot.

Dell Claims to be a record holder in many things. There are 2 place that keep track of records set in aviation, foremost the Interantional air sports federation or FAI and secondly the Guinness Book of World Records. His name can not be found in either place.

Here are the results if you search “Schanze” on either site:
Guinness Book